Bloggity: good eats and exercise


I haven’t taken a picture of food since the cupcake.  I’ve been eating fairly well, though. Notable foods from yesterday include grilled steak with mixed veggies, and a doughnut. Covered both ends of the spectrum, there.

I tried a spin class yesterday and actually had fun!  Of course my butt muscles hurt today, despite my efforts that included using a towel for cushioning, lol

Lunch: salad wrap


The thing is, they put a chicken Caesar salad into a giant 12″ wrap. Originally, it also called for low fat Caesar dressing. Well, low fat usually means high substitutes so I skipped it. I ate 1/2 wrap as is, then emptied the other half out to enjoy the salad as it was meant to be–without the carby blanket.

(Note: site readers will wonder why I didn’t just make a Caesar salad. Answer: this was cheaper. The salad bar is weighed by the ounce)

First day back at work, so fast so good.



Breakfast was a yummy piece of banana bread that I made it home. There were even chocolate chips in it! I, of course, had some coffee as well. Lunch was a turkey sammich scarfed down between emails and my lunch break is being used for a nice walk . I cannot believe it’s 45 degrees out! 

this weekend I spent a lot of time spring cleaning and I even have a bicycle trainer set up to her living room. I cannot wait to get more active.


MegsFitness Photo Tracker Has Moved!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for following my blog.  Unfortunately, my main blog suffered when I tried to keep up with this one, so I’ve sort of combined the two 😀 You can get all of your food photos AND my more regular entries over at