Coach Nicole is easier than Coach Jillian

I haven’t been taking at all well this week (as you may have noticed by the lack of updates).  Today, I’m back at it with new goals on the board, getting a work out, and packing lunches.


The problem


The solution

I used the a la carte option with a Jillian this morning.  I did the warm up and the abs/shoulders circuit.  I couldn’t get through all of the compound moves right now, so I modified as needed. I’m still hot n sweaty, so I think modifying worked.  😉

Here’s my goal board for the day


Daily update

Hi folks.. I couldn’t get a decent pic of dinner because my apartment is super dim after dark, so you get a combo of three shots I did take..I think it’s neat.


Top pics represent a trip into the city, and my hubby showing me love by remotely accessing the PC while he was at work and I was at home.

Dinner was a “man meal” consisting of pork chops, green beans, and a mix of shredded potatoes with mushrooms and bacon. It was delicious.

I also hit the gym tonight, for about an hour. In fact, I’m blogging from the parking lot:


Wiggle Dress Work Out: 1 – Goal Setting and Kettle bells



I have a friend whose wedding is in October.  She has her heart set on these wiggle dresses–which, look rather flattering on her.  Me?  I haven’t bought my dress because I would feel like a stuffed sausage if I had to wiggle into the dress.  I’m kind of tired of being stuck with only one style of dress, though.  How many variations of an A-line dress can there be?  Not enough, I guess.

I think the women above (both from Pinup Girl Clothing) are beautiful.  I think personally, though, that I’d feel more attractive and confident looking closer to the build of the woman on the right.  That’s what I’m using for motivation right now.  My alarms are going off and it’s time for the Wiggle Dress Work Out.  Today, I’m sticking to the Kettlebell work out found here (click to follow along) :


Breakfast: Clementine, breakfast sandwich

Dear readers: Welcome to No Phone Friday!

The good news is that I was up and at them bright and early this morning.  We tossed a coin between packing food or working out and the work out won.  I got 20 minutes of interval cardio done (3.0 and 5.5 mph at 3% incline, heartrate while running = 185, while walking 145).  After that, I got another 25 minutes of strength training (arms) done before doing a 5 minute stretch session. 

Since I don’t have my phone today, I took the liberty of drawing you a picture of my clementines 😀 Can’t have a photo tracker w/o photos, right?


See the unedited version on my facebook page!