Super rough day

Hi folks.

Here’s how the day went:

3am – nightmare

10am – nightmare caller (such a jerk-face!)

12pm – lunch with new folks where I started a sentence by saying “You’re pretty–” and then got cut off before I could say “new…” and then all the jokes about how now I’m backpedaling and saying he’s not pretty.

4:30pm – meeting where my work friend gives a speech about how he’s got cancer and he’s dying and how he’s got to check things off of his bucket list because he’s only got 3 months to live. /disbelief

5:00pm – meeting ends and in the critique of the speech I find out it was fake.  Bawl my eyes out anyway.

6:00pm – exchange crappy (new) shoes that have made my hips hurt like whoa

7:00pm – find out dear friends suffered a miscarriage (bawl my eyes out)

8:45pm – hubby kidnaps me and takes me to the gym for a good sweat session to work it all out.


Here’s how the food correlated to that day:

breakfast – ham egg and cheese from gas station; french toast tornado from gas station

lunch – quesedilla, curly fries

snack – Pearson’s nut roll, nutter butter bites

dinner – taco bell, 3 soft-shell tacos, 2  doritos locos tacos, 1 white russian

dessert – vanilla ice cream sandwich


Holy crap that’s a lotta compensation.  I had a good cry, a good workout, and I believe in Ellen when she said that “two steps forward and one step back isn’t failure.  I like to think of it more like a cha-cha.”

cha-cha now y’all.  Cha-cha again.

Lunch, snacks: not blogging does not mean not eating!


I fell into the “too busy” trap today, and failed to post my meals as I had them. not posting does not mean not eating though. I will have to log my food and update this once I get home. I had taco salad with black beans for protein, and all of the veggies that they had available. The serving sizes for the ingredients were quarter cup. the salad included guacamole and sour cream as well as an ounce of cheese. this afternoon snack with a pack of Skittles 😦 oops.