Doughnut monster

I’m so glad I ate breakfast (oatmeal) at home today. It didn’t stop the temptation, though. Doughnuts in my desk, email in my in box, and a manager walking around wafting the smell and enticing people to partake.

I admit partial defeat. I had half a doughnut:


For a snack, though, it’s all fruit:


Breakfast: Clementine, breakfast sandwich

Dear readers: Welcome to No Phone Friday!

The good news is that I was up and at them bright and early this morning.  We tossed a coin between packing food or working out and the work out won.  I got 20 minutes of interval cardio done (3.0 and 5.5 mph at 3% incline, heartrate while running = 185, while walking 145).  After that, I got another 25 minutes of strength training (arms) done before doing a 5 minute stretch session. 

Since I don’t have my phone today, I took the liberty of drawing you a picture of my clementines 😀 Can’t have a photo tracker w/o photos, right?


See the unedited version on my facebook page!