Bloggity: good eats and exercise


I haven’t taken a picture of food since the cupcake.  I’ve been eating fairly well, though. Notable foods from yesterday include grilled steak with mixed veggies, and a doughnut. Covered both ends of the spectrum, there.

I tried a spin class yesterday and actually had fun!  Of course my butt muscles hurt today, despite my efforts that included using a towel for cushioning, lol

This just in: New streak started


Chocolate and soda free, one day and counting 🙂


Found a possible dress for a friend’s wedding…

And had veggies for dinner. (I also had ham, but that was a quick slice at 7pm so that I didn’t give in to chocolate cravings).


Breakfast: onion or honeydew?

It’s been a long winter, but we had our first 70°+ day yesterday. That’s probably what prompted us to buy a honey dew melon imported from Mexico.

I cut into it this morning, and it tastes like it’s been mixed with yellow onion. The melon isn’t very sweet, but the added onion flavor really ruined it.  I had honey nut cheerios with chia seeds instead this morning.


Vote for Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss!

I have joined a team challenge at work, and it’s off to such a fun start. I’m on a team with a group of four women at work and we have dubbed ourselves “Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss!” The twelve week challenge kicks off with a mini-challenge to come up with the best team name (check!) and best team “before” photo (check!) I would love it if you could check out our submission (below) and vote for us on the HealthyWage website ( This site is just like Diet Bet and Biggest Loser, except you cannot lose more than 1.5% of your weight/week and no more than 16.75% of your weight over the course of the challenge. I’m really excited to have a team of co-workers to tackle this with. They’ve been instrumental in my motivation this week 🙂



[EDIT: adding directions – access the link, and then select “GE HealthAhead’s Lose Weight, Win Big 2014” and “Mini Challenge #1: Best Team Name and Before Photo”]


It’s spring in Winnipeg and there’s still snow as far as the eye can see.


I didn’t tell you I was going to Canada, but I did:



And now I’m back.  Funfact: I don’t take nearly as many photos of food when I’m not sharing it with all of you.  Let’s just say I lived off of cheesecake for the weekend and call it good.  Now I’m at home eating a salad and drinking honey.  Yep.  Drinking honey.  Because that’s just where I’m at right now.  I have completely hit a wall today and it just kind of sucks.  I’m going to finish up this blog post and then finish eating the apples in my salad and put the honey away.  Because writing that I was drinking it made me realize how ridiculous it sounds, even if it’s only 4 oz.