Sunday wrap up


Last week, we got free breakfast one morning because it was “Health Ahead” day. Yummo! I had a veggie frittata, apples with peanut butter, a small quesadilla, and infused water.  It reminded me that I like water with cucumber and lemon. It’s time to break out the infusion pitcher!


I had a lot of spinach with my lunches last week, with grapes, carrots, raisins and string cheese for snacks.

For exercise, I did spin on Tuesday, muscle attack Wednesday, treadmill on Thursday, and walking on Friday. Yesterday I walked a few miles at a community art fair, and today I rode bikes with Jeff.


Today was mostly on track. For breakfast, I had toast with peanut butter and bananas, with a heap of grapes on the side.  Lunch was chocolate cake and cheese puffs. Dinner is back on track with a BLT salad, made with spinach, avocado, tomato, and a bit of bacon.  For dessert, I have geek yogurt topped with raspberries.



Daily update

Hi folks.. I couldn’t get a decent pic of dinner because my apartment is super dim after dark, so you get a combo of three shots I did take..I think it’s neat.


Top pics represent a trip into the city, and my hubby showing me love by remotely accessing the PC while he was at work and I was at home.

Dinner was a “man meal” consisting of pork chops, green beans, and a mix of shredded potatoes with mushrooms and bacon. It was delicious.

I also hit the gym tonight, for about an hour. In fact, I’m blogging from the parking lot:


Bonus entry: target while hungry, and breakfast at 4pm


My day so far:

6:00am – ignore alarm to go work out
9:00am – wake up, eat a piece of toast with peanut butter, work on artwork.
11:00am – leave for iaido
12:00pm – realize there’s no iaido today
3:30pm – get home, after exploring much of the city, realize food was over 6 hours before and not much at that… eat 2oz cheddar to stave off hunger while figuring out food.  Head to Target to pick up supplies  I was hungry, though, so I ended up getting some things to snack on, Heh… Easter candy already?  At least I shared it with Jeffrah.
4:00pm – eat an actual meal:



4pm: the latest I’ve ever eaten the first real meal of a day… usually I at least graze more.

been super tired today, and been fighting a headache.  Hungry headache?

Weekend update

Let’s get beck on track, shall we?


Dinner the other night was bacon, tomato, avocado, and chicken. It started out as a sandwich, but the bread couldn’t hold up.

I didn’t track at all yesterday, but I hope it wasn’t as bad as Wednesday.

To break the chain of bad days, I talked to friends, talked to Co workers, watched The Mindy Project, updated my “good things” calendar, and distributed smiley faces at work.


Could you use a smile today?

Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), the smiles were really well received and met with genuine smiles and reflections on what a rough week it’d been. It was nice, AND it was easy. Feel free to try it some time.

Today’s challenges:

– clean house
– 30 minutes upper body work out
– 90 minutes iaido
– meal planning
– grocery shopping
– laundry
– help brother with interview prep
– dinner with parents

Oi. This might take a while.

P.s. Today’s weigh in is 237.6