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Hi and thanks for visiting my blog!  This will be a photo blog so that I can easily track my food and fitness.  My name is Megan and I have an alternate blog called MegsFitness(.wordpress.com).  Through that blog, I write about life and living in addition to fun food and exercise finds.  Through this blog, I’ll be posting pictures of meals, gym time, and progress photos.

[Edit 11-DEC-13: Now you can connect on facebook!]

My heaviest weight was 260.  My lowest was 218.  I am currently at 235 after some life events and injuries.

My ultimate goal weight is 180.  I am more than a number, though.  My ultimate goal is self confidence, less pain, more energy, and fabulous clothing.

Photos are taken using a Motorola Razr in purple:

Motorola RAZR Purple

I know it’s not the “acceptable” camera of choice for blogging, but this photojournalism is about accountability, for me, not for professional photography.

So thanks for stopping by.  I welcome all questions and comments.

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