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Vote for Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss!

I have joined a team challenge at work, and it’s off to such a fun start. I’m on a team with a group of four women at work and we have dubbed ourselves “Team Doge Wow Such Weight Loss!” The twelve week challenge kicks off with a mini-challenge to come up with the best team name (check!) and best team “before” photo (check!) I would love it if you could check out our submission (below) and vote for us on the HealthyWage website (http://www.healthywage.com/leaderboards/team_standings/?team_challenge=80&secondary_filter=1). This site is just like Diet Bet and Biggest Loser, except you cannot lose more than 1.5% of your weight/week and no more than 16.75% of your weight over the course of the challenge. I’m really excited to have a team of co-workers to tackle this with. They’ve been instrumental in my motivation this week 🙂



[EDIT: adding directions – access the link, and then select “GE HealthAhead’s Lose Weight, Win Big 2014” and “Mini Challenge #1: Best Team Name and Before Photo”]