Lunch: salad wrap


The thing is, they put a chicken Caesar salad into a giant 12″ wrap. Originally, it also called for low fat Caesar dressing. Well, low fat usually means high substitutes so I skipped it. I ate 1/2 wrap as is, then emptied the other half out to enjoy the salad as it was meant to be–without the carby blanket.

(Note: site readers will wonder why I didn’t just make a Caesar salad. Answer: this was cheaper. The salad bar is weighed by the ounce)

Weigh in and update


Yesterday, I hit the target for all of my macro nutrients. I’m having withdrawals from sweets, though. I had very little in the way of refined sugar, and I had massive cravings, got flushed in the face, and developed a headache… But I didn’t give in.  I was at a manager’s desk. I had grabbed a jar of Hershey kisses and pulled one out. I said to myself “what am I doing,” and put it back.  Even though I was still talking to the manager, I decided to start cutting up a green pepper and eating that instead.  Woo! Will power.  As you may know, I also went for a half hour brisk walk in the morning. Yay fitness!!

This morning I was rewarded with a 1.2 lb weight loss on the scale.


In other news, I stopped using plastic baggies for packing lunches this week, and this is the result. Dear Earth: sorry for using so many plastic baggies. :X

Lunch: awesome wraps

This week’s lunches have all been the same, sandwiches and fruits/veggies…


Until now. Enter, the (super cute, super delicious) roast beef, provolone, and spinach wrap:


This unassuming little meal was absolutely delicious.  It’s just a 5″ tortilla layered with 2-3 ounces of roast beef, a quarter slice of provolone, and a pinch of spinach. I had two, hubby should’ve had three. They’re scrumptious and a nice deviation from the standard sandwich.

Great week

I’m going on day four or five without chocolate and it’s great!! Now I just need to eliminate other bad decisions from my diet… Like soda, French fries, and other mega-calorie foods.

Breakfast today was a sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwich. 

Fitness so far is a half hour brisk walk.

No pictures of either since my phone battery was too low.