It’s spring in Winnipeg and there’s still snow as far as the eye can see.


I didn’t tell you I was going to Canada, but I did:



And now I’m back.  Funfact: I don’t take nearly as many photos of food when I’m not sharing it with all of you.  Let’s just say I lived off of cheesecake for the weekend and call it good.  Now I’m at home eating a salad and drinking honey.  Yep.  Drinking honey.  Because that’s just where I’m at right now.  I have completely hit a wall today and it just kind of sucks.  I’m going to finish up this blog post and then finish eating the apples in my salad and put the honey away.  Because writing that I was drinking it made me realize how ridiculous it sounds, even if it’s only 4 oz.

WOO! Saturday’s post

Today’s eats:

Post cereal




monster energy drink (white, 1/2 can)

misc. mall treats (probably)

Apple Bee’s


Today’s fitness:

Goofing off with husband (penguin ninja flap!)



TBC Sunday 😀