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Thank you so much for following my blog.  Unfortunately, my main blog suffered when I tried to keep up with this one, so I’ve sort of combined the two 😀 You can get all of your food photos AND my more regular entries over at

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Dear Readers:

My primary blog, where I actually craft entries detailing recipes, experiences, work, home, and life–has been suffering as a result of posting so frequently here.  And, to be honest, I don’t feel like the food tracking is still going so well.  I’ve enjoyed the likes/comments, though, and hope you’ll continue to follow my efforts…. back on the main page at

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Daily update

Hi folks.. I couldn’t get a decent pic of dinner because my apartment is super dim after dark, so you get a combo of three shots I did take..I think it’s neat.


Top pics represent a trip into the city, and my hubby showing me love by remotely accessing the PC while he was at work and I was at home.

Dinner was a “man meal” consisting of pork chops, green beans, and a mix of shredded potatoes with mushrooms and bacon. It was delicious.

I also hit the gym tonight, for about an hour. In fact, I’m blogging from the parking lot: