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Breakfast: Kashi with blueberries, and a carwash

Filled with the fiery motivation to go work out this morning, I headed out nice and early to the gym. I was so eager to just get to my kettle bells work out I found. Imagine my disappointment when I arrived and the gym dark, closed, and locked.


I knew I still had to be active this morning in order to start establishing my routine. The back up plan? A car wash:


Minnesota is dirty, salty, gross…and bad for cars.  There’s a reason southerners don’t buy “Yankee” cars. The salt is corrosive. These things rust if you’re not careful. Luckily, I’ve kept up with the maintenance on my car. I patch chips in the paint so that the metal is protected. It still sucks to see sand and salt caked in every crevice, though. It was a great work out.  If I do this every week, maybe the car will even be clean when I’m done 😛  she could use another wash with a new sponge and clean water.

Not now, though. I’m ravenous, and it’s time for breakfast: