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Weekend update

Let’s get beck on track, shall we?


Dinner the other night was bacon, tomato, avocado, and chicken. It started out as a sandwich, but the bread couldn’t hold up.

I didn’t track at all yesterday, but I hope it wasn’t as bad as Wednesday.

To break the chain of bad days, I talked to friends, talked to Co workers, watched The Mindy Project, updated my “good things” calendar, and distributed smiley faces at work.


Could you use a smile today?

Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), the smiles were really well received and met with genuine smiles and reflections on what a rough week it’d been. It was nice, AND it was easy. Feel free to try it some time.

Today’s challenges:

– clean house
– 30 minutes upper body work out
– 90 minutes iaido
– meal planning
– grocery shopping
– laundry
– help brother with interview prep
– dinner with parents

Oi. This might take a while.

P.s. Today’s weigh in is 237.6