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Super rough day

Hi folks.

Here’s how the day went:

3am – nightmare

10am – nightmare caller (such a jerk-face!)

12pm – lunch with new folks where I started a sentence by saying “You’re pretty–” and then got cut off before I could say “new…” and then all the jokes about how now I’m backpedaling and saying he’s not pretty.

4:30pm – meeting where my work friend gives a speech about how he’s got cancer and he’s dying and how he’s got to check things off of his bucket list because he’s only got 3 months to live. /disbelief

5:00pm – meeting ends and in the critique of the speech I find out it was fake.  Bawl my eyes out anyway.

6:00pm – exchange crappy (new) shoes that have made my hips hurt like whoa

7:00pm – find out dear friends suffered a miscarriage (bawl my eyes out)

8:45pm – hubby kidnaps me and takes me to the gym for a good sweat session to work it all out.


Here’s how the food correlated to that day:

breakfast – ham egg and cheese from gas station; french toast tornado from gas station

lunch – quesedilla, curly fries

snack – Pearson’s nut roll, nutter butter bites

dinner – taco bell, 3 soft-shell tacos, 2  doritos locos tacos, 1 white russian

dessert – vanilla ice cream sandwich


Holy crap that’s a lotta compensation.  I had a good cry, a good workout, and I believe in Ellen when she said that “two steps forward and one step back isn’t failure.  I like to think of it more like a cha-cha.”

cha-cha now y’all.  Cha-cha again.