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Breakfast: round two


Real breakfast was”organic honey’d flakes” (cornflakes) with blueberries and milk. 

Second breakfast is fruit and a doughnut, courtesy of customer service week. I should’ve said no to the doughnut, but I caved in a moment of weakness. My colleague metaphorically threw me under the bus and so I’m (also metaphorically) licking my wounds by eating chocolate. :-/



8 thoughts on “Breakfast: round two

  1. Yikes! I used to hate (well my taste buds loved) when people would bring treats to the office…easy to not buy or store at home but then become this must have once someone else gives them to you as a “gift” … my trick while everyone else was chowing down on bagels/muffins/doughnuts I would grab one of my raw chocolate protein bars or a chai protein shake…a sweet and tasty treat and I still got to eat like everyone else in that social aspect but I didn’t hate myself after.

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