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Breakfast: Caribou coffee and lemon pound cake


I don’t actually know if it’s pound cake…they call it “bread” but it’s cake…

This is a morning that I wished I didn’t have to go to work. I met up with my brother for business purposes and breakfast. We could only chat for a few minutes because we both had to work today.

Me: Awe.. They smeared the frosting on the side…*pout*
Brother: You don’t need the frosting..
Me: !!!
Brother: *shrug*
Me: You sound like me! You don’t need the frosting, fatty..*Gail of laughter*
Brother: !!!
Brother: I didn’t say that!
Me: No, but I do, right? It’s always silent haha.. You don’t need that…..fatty.

Lol my goodness. I love my brother so much. He’s my bestest buddy and we joke around like this all the time.

Oh, btw, I got my ten minutes in yesterday:



Facebook post, 11:20pm: “This may look like cats and cat food, but, nope!! Is actually exercise equipment! Happy Hundred!! Today, I did high knees, butt kicks, and other calisthenics. I ended with cat food curls and standing rows.”