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Breakfast: Angel Food makes me feel devilish..

The counterpart to Hell’s Kitchen is Angel Food… it’s a divine bakery that has the most decadent desserts and delicious coffee. Yesterday was the first time I had actually arrived before they closed, so I had an opportunity to pick up a few things… For myself, I bought a vanilla latte (espresso, milk, vanilla) and for home, with Jeffrah, I bought 2 cupcakes. The first is a salted caramel chocolate cupcake, and the other is called ‘under the big top.’ I think I recall him saying something about white cake, but then he lost me with talk of caramel and peanut butter and peanuts.


Angel Food (bakery) [click to see the website]


…so rich!! Can’t take another bite…


I switched to something more savory for breakfast instead.


If you’re curious, I didn’t link it yesterday, but here’s the website for Hell’s Kitchen: http://www.hellskitcheninc.com/