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Woo! Intermittent outages expected…

To make up for the shoddy frequency of posts these days (this will continue, as we’re still in the midst of wedding shenanigans, including a trip to Canada very soon), I present to you the food-porn from the Bed and Breakfast honeymoon we had over memorial weekend.  We went to Nicolin Mansion – http://www.nicolinmansion.com/ – and had a lovely time.  Kevin was a generous and entertaining host, and talented chef.  We hope to go back again for our anniversary 🙂


Cappuccino Puff Pastry - Nicolin Mansion

Cappuccino Puff Pastry – Nicolin Mansion


Breakfast in [our] bed[room] – Nicolin Mansion


Real romantics get cheese instead of chocolate dipped strawberries… – Nicolin Mansion


Strawberry smoothies taste best when served in antique glassware – Nicolin Mansion


Cheesy hashbrown pie with cheddar sausages and apple sauce – Nicolin Mansion


warm chocolate chip scone and blueberry parfait – Nicolin Mansion


sugared pastry – Nicolin Mansion


cream and sugar for coffee – Nicolin Mansion


cream cheese and strawberry stuffed croissants with a side of sausage – Nicolin Mansion


chocolate dipped strawberries and home-made bran muffins – Nicolin Mansion


molten spiced cake – Nicolin Mansion


breakfast in bed (in our room, actually, next to a cheery window) – Nicolin Mansion



3 thoughts on “Woo! Intermittent outages expected…

  1. You are so lucky you got to eat all the wonderful food. The pictures look amazing, and I want to try that pastry. Best of luck with everything and keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for commenting – The weekend certainly was a foodie’s delight!! Truth be told, I’m lucky to have the over-abundance of food.. Posting my meals for all to see helps me remember that there are those who are not fortunate enough to have meals like this. I try to donate and volunteer for causes to try to help (like the United Way and the Salvation Army)

      • That’s really nice of you to do. I wish more people would volunteer their time and be more caring to others. I hope you are proud of all that you are doing 🙂

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