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Dinner/Breakfast: Arby’s, McDonald’s

Well, I’m still in a fast food kick, apparently.  Instead of posting pictures of my food, I should be posting pictures of my barren refrigerator.  I’m going grocery shopping tonight, so yeah–I think I’ll post the before/after of my fridge…

The good news is two-fold.  1) fast food provides their own pictures, so it’s okay that my phone was dead or that I just didn’t take the pictures.



Roast Beef Sandwiches & Melts from Arby's ChoppedSideSalad

Breakfast this a.m.:


Breakfast  McDonalds


See?  Aren’t those pictures just making you salivate?

I think it’s cool that they’re publishing nutrition info on the menu boards at McDonald’s.  I had my heart set on the Bacon Egg and Cheese bagel, but at 560 compared to 300, I decided to go with the original mcmuffin.  Hooray for making the worst better.