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Breakfast: Toast, and a recap of yesterday


My stomach was rather unsettled this morning so breakfast is a nice and easy load of carbs and fats.  I mean toast.  With butter (the real stuff, not margarine).  I’m realizing that the more *real* foods I eat, the worse the higher processed ones taste.  For example, I used to use Country Crock Calcium + D margarine… for YEARS.  Then, I tried Land O Lakes spreadable butter (with olive oil) and I’m hooked.   Country Crock tastes… off… to me now.

Last night I had class and we weren’t allowed to have any technology with us and so I took no photos of the snacks offered, nor did I track.  These two really go hand in hand.

I found a blog with the recipe for Strawberry Swirl Angel Food Cupcakes by Foodie Wanna Be and so photo credit for the below goes to Elizabeth Towle.  I had two of these:

Elizabeth Towle

We also had buttered popcorn, of which I had about 2 cups.  Everyone knows what buttered popcorn is… no photo necessary.

For “dinner” I had grilled chicken (4 oz) on 6″ corn tortillas with 2 oz of cheese and 2 tbls of salsa.

I just finished tracking, and it looks like the whole ‘health ahead’ thing my work is doing kinda… works:

2013-03-19 My Fitness Pal