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Snack: Not pictured

What happens when your computer requires a re-start at the same time your phone does a system update but your tummy is rumbling loud and ferocious?

a) A lion tamer mistakes the noises from your tummy and tries to use a chair and whip to tame you

b) You wait patiently to eat so that you can take pictures

c) you scarf down too many snacks because you waited too long and you don’t take pictures because the phone is still loading.  Oh, and you consider not telling anyone about it because you realize you’ve scarfed down almost 500 calories instead of just the 120 you were planning on.*


If you choose option C, you’d be right.  But I’m not trumped!! I tracked it AND I’m documenting it here, pics or no pics..


*I added the 90 calories from a frosted ‘St. Patricks Day’ cookie to lunch because I just couldn’t add any more to the snack category without getting down on myself.

**NSV:  I only had two bites of the cookie and sabotaged/threw away the rest.  Achievement unlocked!