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Work-Out, Post Work-Out Snack, Breakfast



Reading magazines on the treadmill… I say to myself “If you can read a magazine on a treadmill, you’re not working hard enough.”  Today, though, is the 1st day back to the gym, and 1st time on a treadmill in what feels like forever.  I think starting it slow is a good thing.





Cardio completed!




Today’s strength routine was a circuit that included 3 rounds of:

12x Barbell Chest Press 20lb each

12x Squats on a hip sled, set at 160lbs

12x Crunches on a ball

12x Side Crunches (Repeat for opposite side/obliques)

I did some moderate stretching and *planned* to go swimming but I had run out of time.


I was hungry halfway through my workout, so I had a cup (measured) of Indigo Morning (Kashi)



Still hungry :-S

Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Kashi – Indigo Morning Organic Whole Corn Flakes With Dark Berries, 1 Cup 133 29 1 3 167 8 Ico_delete
Eggs – Fried (whole egg), 1 large 92 0 7 6 94 0 Ico_delete
Great Value – American Cheese Slices, 1 slice 60 2 5 3 250 1 Ico_delete
Morning Star Farms – Sausage Patties, 1 patty 80 3 3 10 260 1 Ico_delete
English muffins – Plain, toasted (includes sourdough), 1 oz 72 14 1 2 143 1 Ico_delete
  437 48 17 24 914 11



Looks like my transition to black coffee is still on track…..

Bring on the day!



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  2. I love running on the tredmill. Have you ever listened to music while doing it? doing that and taping oven the time/distance helps me stay on longer for whatever reason.

    • Oh, for sure! I love working out with music because then I can’t hear myself breathing hard and think I’m getting tired before I really am. Music is great for endurance!

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