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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – the good news is, I didn’t starve

… The bad news is, I killed my phone and didn’t post, either.

… Continuing the pattern, the good news is that I had 70% of my day tracked before I ever walked out the door this morning 🙂


Indigo Morning is a new Kashi cereal that we bought and it actually tastes pretty good.  They’re kind of like Corn Pops!

Lunch was the open-faced sandwich that you saw in this mornings ‘need-more-counter-space‘ blurb–It had 12 grain bread, avocado, turkey, lettuce, and provolone.  Nom. Oh, and some Sunchips.  And green peppers. And an oreo.  Yeah.


Today’s snack was another apple that I started devouring before I remembered to snap a pic of it.. /hangry


More of these little devils..



And today’s dinner looks a lot like yesterdays.  Today’s was left-over “velveeta skillet lasagna” (hamburger helper) with lettuce and ranch.  It was almost 7pm (again) and I was too ravenous to even think about cooking so I just threw together something quickly.



Today’s weight: 234